Singapore Optics shop retail laser optics & fiber optical components covering the entire spectrum from UV to FIR.

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Company Introduction
Singapore optics shop is the 1st laser optics & fiber optics shop on-web in Asia-Pacific. We sell stock optical substrates, optical crystals, optical lenses, optical mirrors, optical prisms, optical filters, optical beamsplitters, optical waveplates, polarization optics, quartz customization, optomechanics components, fiber passive components, fiber optical attenuators, fiber amplifiers, fiber optics tools, laser systems & accessories, light sources etc. to all the world with very competitive price.

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Optical Substrates in Germany
Quartz Substrates Plates Wafers,  BK7 Substrates Plates Wafers,  Corning EAGLE 2000 AMLCD,  Glass Crystal Disc Washer Rim Groov,  Float Glass Windows,  ITO FTO AZO Glass Slides PET,  Sapphire Substrates Windows Tubes,  Schott Glass Windows Slabs Substrat,  Glass Slides,  Glass Diffusers,  Grooved Glass Substrates,  Silicon Coated Glass Substrates,  
Optical Crystals Ceramics in Germany
Laser Crystals Ceramics,  Sapphire Crystal Substrates,  Crystal Quartz Substrates,  Silicon Wafers Substrates Windows,  Germanium Wafers,  MgF2 GaAs Crystal Substrates,  MgO TiO2 Crystal Substrates,  YVO4 Crystal Substrates,  YAG Crystal Substrates,  LiNbO3 Crystal Substrates,  CaF2 BaF2 Crystal UV IR Raman Grade,  Crystal Optics Packaging Boxes,  Cr YAG Crystals Passive Q Switch,  
Optical Windows in Germany
Laser Windows,  Shadow Windows Shadow Masks,  Tapered Glass Windows,  
Optical Lenses in Germany
Spherical Plano Convex Lenses,  Spherical Plano Concave Lenses,  Spherical Bi Convex Lenses,  Spherical Bi Concave Lenses,  Cylindrical Lens Meniscus Lens,  Aspheric Lens Powell Lens,  Achromatic Lenses,  Ball Lens Half Ball Lens,  
Optical Mirrors in Germany
Broadband Dielectric Mirrors,  Au Ag Al Cu Coating Mirrors,  High Reflection Laser Mirrors,  Cavity Output Mirrors,  Cavity Input Mirrors,  Dichroic Mirrors Filters,  Concave Dielectric Mirrors,  Dome Mirrors,  
Optical Prisms in Germany
Right Angle Prisms,  Corner Cube Retroreflector Prisms,  Roof Penta Prisms,  Dove Prisms,  Wollaston Prisms,  Dispersion Prisms,  Coupling Prisms,  Prism Wedges,  NonStandard Prism Mirrors,  
Optical Filters in Germany
Laser Line Filters,  Bandpass Filters,  Edgepass Filters,  Color Glass Filters,  Neutral Density Filters,  Hot Cold Mirrors,  Notch Filters,  
Optical Beamsplitters in Germany
Non Polarization Beamsplitter Cube,  Non Polarization Beamsplitter Plate,  Laser Line Beam Splitter Plate,  Polarization Beamsplitter Cube,  Membrane Pellicle Beamsplitter,  Standard Cube Beamsplitter,  
Optical Waveplates in Germany
Achromatic Waveplates,  Zero Order Waveplates,  Low Order Waveplates,  Broadband Polymer Waveplates,  Phase Retardation Plates,  Berek Compensator Plates,  
Optical Polarizers in Germany
Linear Sheet Polarizers,  Crystal Polarizers,  Thin Film Polarizers,  
Optical Etalons in Germany
Optical Etalons Silicon IR,  
Quartz Glasswares Alumina Tube in Germany
Quartz Tubes,  Quartz Tables,  Quartz Cuvettes,  Quartz Grooves,  Quartz Rods,  Alumina Tubes,  
Optomechanics in Germany
Solid Breadboards,  Lab Jacks,  Post Rod Base Adaptor V Clamps,  Optical Rails Carriers,  Translation Stages,  Rotation Stages Cube Mounts,  Post Holders Mounting Bases,  Kinematic Mirror Mounts,  Lens Tubes Mounts Hybrid Adaptors,  Spacer Rings,  Goniometer Stages,  Adapter for Microscope Objectives,  Frictionless Tables Slides with Lin,  
Fiber Passive Components in Germany
Optical Fiber Plastic Fiber,  SM MM Fiber Patchcords,  PM Fiber Patchcords,  Polished Tapered Lensed Fiber Pigta,  Fiber Adaptors,  SM MM Fiber Couplers Splitters,  PM Fiber Couplers Splitters,  MM Fiber Combiners,  Fiber Polarization Beamsplitters,  Fiber Optical WDMs,  Fiber Optical Isolators Rotators,  Fiber Optical Circulators,  Fiber Optical Collimators,  Fiber Optical Filters,  Fiber Polarization Controllers,  Fiber Optic U Benches,  Fiber Optical Polarizers,  Fiber Optic Probes,  Fiber Optical Switches,  SM MM PM Fiber Arrays Blocks,  TEC Fiber Pigtails,  Fiber Feedthough for Vucuum Systems,  
Fiber Optical Attenuators in Germany
Variable Optical Attenuators,  Fixed Optical Attenuators,  
Fiber Amplifiers in Germany
Fiber Frequency Shifter in Germany
PM Fiber Frequency Shifter,  SM Fiber Frequency Shifter,  
Fiber Optics Tools in Germany
Fiber Packaging Materials,  Optical Fiber Cleavers,  Index Matching Gel Liquid,  
Lasers Systems Accessories in Germany
Diode Lasers,  Solid State Lasers,  Air Cooled Water Chillers for Laser,  Laser Safety Goggles,  Viewing Cards Panels,  Laser Diodes VCSEL Transmitter Modu,  
Light Sources in Germany
Benchtop Light Sources,  Broadband Light Sources,  Fiber Optic Illuminators,  Handheld Light Sources,  Fiber Coupled Laser Modules,  Laser Pointers,  
Imaging Components in Germany
True Color Digital Cameras,  Glass Calibration Targets,  Imaging Alignment Reticle Target,  
Photodetectors in Germany
InGaAs Photodetectors,  
Photomask Reticle in Germany
Soda Lime Glass Photomask Reticle,  Quartz Glass Photomask Reticle,  Photomask Reticle Blank,  Photomask Reticle Recycling Service,  Plastic Photomask Reticle,  
Optical Power Meters in Germany
Optical Power Meters,  PON Power Meters,  Optical Multi Meters,  
Optical Modulator in Germany
Fiber Optical Modulators,  
Instrument Accessories in Germany
Instrument Casing Accessories,  
Optical Grating in Germany
UV Amplitute Grating Masks for FBG,  
Water Chillers for Lab Use in Germany
Air Cooled Water Chillers for Lab U,