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Location: Main > Fiber Passive Components > Fiber Feedthough for Vucuum Systems
FC Fiber Connectorized Vacuum Feedthrough
P/N:VFT-FC Series
Introduction:FC Fiber Connectorized Vacuum Feedthrough
Single mode or multimode fiber version available per customer requirements.

Fiber Feedthrough allows for optical coupling into Ultra High Vacuum (UHV) systems down to 10^-10 Torr. These are fixed (non-rotating) flanges with male FC or SMA905 fiber connectors on both sides. Mating sleeves may be used to connect fiber patch cables to the feedthrough; These flanges have six through holes to bolt onto any standard DIA2.75-inch CF flange with typical 1/4inch-28 bolts (mounting hardware is not included). The feedthrough has an insertion loss and can handle up to 10W of laser power. A glass-ceramic seal holds the hermetically-sealed fiber in place and forms the leak-tight seal.

The CF style flange utilizes a knife-edge mechanism to create an airtight seal between mating pieces. To accomplish the seal, a copper gasket is most often employed. As the bolts of the mating pair are tightened, the knife edge ?°bites?± into the copper gasket, deforming it. The extruded metal fills all the machining marks and surface defects, which yields a leak-tight seal.
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VFT-FC-SMF28-01 SMF-28,FC/UPC,Vacuum,Feedthrough flange S$540.00/pc Call us Add to Request List
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