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Fiber Protection Sleeves
P/N:PSLV Series
Introduction:For the ultimate in fiber protection, the fusion splice protection sleeves are designed for durability and reliability. The sleeves are constructed with an inner meltable adhesive tube, and a polyolefin heat shrink outer tube. The strength member within the sleeve is made of tempered stainless steel with rounded and polished edges. The tubes are clear to allow viewing the color of the fiber after splicing. The entire assembly is heat bonded to ensure that all members maintain perfect alignment during shipping, handling, and the shrinking process for the best in optical fiber protection.
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PSLV-M-25 OD2.0mm/L25.0mm,250um bare fiber use,250pcs/pk S$110.00/pk In stock Add to Request List
PSLV-040 OD3.0mm/L40mm,250/900um fiber use,250pcs/pk S$110.00/pk In stock Add to Request List
PSLV-060 OD3.0mm/L60mm,250/900um fiber use,250pcs/pk S$120.00/pk In stock Add to Request List
Invar(Fe64/Ni36) Fiber Protection Tubes
P/N:PTU Series
Introduction:Invar controlled expansion alloy. Low expansion alloy with the lowest thermal expansion coefficient of any of the iron-nickel alloys. Uses include balance wheels for clocks and watches, bi-metal strip, glass-to-metal seals and structural components in laser systems.
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PTU-IV-02300280-00280 Invar Fe64/Ni36,ID2.3/OD2.8mm,L28.0mm;MOQ100pcs S$3.80/pc In stock Add to Request List
PTU-IV-02300280-01000 Invar Fe64/Ni36,ID2.3/OD2.80mm,L100.0mm;MOQ50pcs S$25.00/pc Call us Add to Request List
PTU-IV-02300280-10000 Invar Fe64/Ni36,ID2.3/OD2.80mm,L1000.0mm;MOQ10pcs S$275.00/pc Call us Add to Request List
PTU-IV-02500300-00280 Invar Fe64/Ni36,ID2.5/OD3.0mm,L28.0mm;MOQ100pcs S$3.00/pc In stock Add to Request List
PTU-IV-02500300-01000 Invar Fe64/Ni36,ID2.5/OD3.0mm,L100.0mm;MOQ50pcs S$15.00/pc Call us Add to Request List
PTU-IV-02500300-10000 Invar Fe64/Ni36,ID2.5/OD3.0mm,L1000.0mm;MOQ10pcs S$220.00/pc Call us Add to Request List
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