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Location: Main > Optical Filters > Notch Filters
200-1200nm Notch Filters
P/N:NTF Series
Introduction:Notch filters, also commonly referred to as band-stop or band-rejection filters, are designed to transmit most wavelengths with little intensity loss while attenuating light within a specific wavelength range (the stop band) to a very low level. They are essentially the inverse of bandpass filters, which offer high in-band transmission and high out-of-band rejection so as to only transmit light within a small wavelength range.

Notch filters are useful in applications where one needs to block light from a laser. For instance, to obtain good signal-to-noise ratios in Raman spectroscopy experiments, it is critical that light from the pump laser be blocked. This is achieved by placing a notch filter in the detection channel of the setup. In addition to spectroscopy, notch filters are commonly used in laser-based fluorescence instrumentation and biomedical laser systems.

As with all dielectric stack filters, the transmission is dependent on the angle of incidence. The central wavelength of the blocking region will shift to shorter wavelengths as the angle of incidence is increased. Please see the Transmission Graphs Tab for measured transmission data for each individual filter. Additionally, plots of the meausured Optical Density (OD) of these filters in the blocking region may be found on the OD Graphs tab.

Photonik's notch filters feature a dielectric coating on a polished glass substrate, which has excellent environmental durability. The dielectric stack provides high rejection through destructive interference and reflection in the stop band: the optical density is greater than 6.0 (corresponding to a transmission less than 0.0001%) within the stop band. We currently offer filters with central stop-band wavelengths of 405, 488, 514, 533, 561, 594, 633, 658, 785, 808, 980, or 1064 nm. Regardless of the filter chosen, the transmitted beam's wavefront error for light at normal incidence will be less than |?/2 at 633 nm. These filters also have an AR coating on the back surface to ensure >90% average transmission within the passing bands.

Each filter is housed in a black anodized aluminum ring that is labeled with an arrow indicating the design propagation direction. The ring makes handling easier and enhances the blocking OD by limiting scattering. These filters can be mounted in Thorlabs' extensive line of filter mounts and wheels. As the mounts are not threaded, Ø1" retaining rings will be required to mount the filters in one of internally-threaded SM1 lens tubes. We do not recommend removing the filter from its mount as the risk of damaging the filter is very high. However, custom unmounted filters are available; please contact Tech Support for more details.
P/N Keywords Unit Price Available Generate Quotation
NTF10-900-1000-OD5-M DIA25.4xT6mm,Pass@UV220nm+,Notch@900-1000nm(OD>5) S$395.00/pc In stock Add to Request List
NTF05-1030-1190-OD6-R01270300 Dia12.7xT3mm,Pass@400nm+,Notch@1030-1200nmd(OD>6) S$280.00/pc In stock Add to Request List
NTF05-1030-1190-OD6-R01270600 Dia12.7xT6mm,Pass@400nm+,Notch@1030-1200nmd(OD>6) S$280.00/pc In stock Add to Request List
NTF10-1030-1190-OD6-R02540300 Dia25.4xT3.0mm,Pass@400nm+,Notch@1030-1190nm(OD>6) S$350.00/pc In stock Add to Request List
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