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Fiber Optical Phase Modulators
P/N:FOPM Series
Introduction:The phase modulators that are designed to be integrated into 300 pin MSA compatible transponders. Phase modulators provide chirp controll in high-speed data communications. The LiNbO3 is also ideal for coherent communications, sensing, all-optical frequency-shifting, and data encryption applications.
P/N Keywords Unit Price Available Generate Quotation
FOPM-10G-PM/SM-0901 10Gb/s,C+L,Modulator,PMF/SMF,900um,L1m,FC/UPC S$3,600.00/pc In stock Add to Request List
FOPM-10G-PM/PM-0901 10Gb/s,C-band,Modulator,PM/PM,900um,L1m,FC/UPC S$4,290.00/pc In stock Add to Request List
FOPM-40G-PMF-0901 40Gb/s,C+L,Phase Modulator,PM/PC,900um,L1m,FC/UPC S$12,475.00/pc Call us Add to Request List
Fiber Optical Intensity Modulators
P/N:FOIM Series
Introduction:The intensity modulator with external DC bias is a high-performance modulator that has a single-ended drive configuration with a fixed chirp coefficient and an industry-leading low RF drive voltage (5.5 V). The LN05S has a Mach-Zehnder interferometric architecture with external DC bias, ideal for both NRZ and RZ data format solutions. The high-performance phase modulators, allow for chirp control in high-speed data communications. These modulators, which can support data rates up to 43 Gb/s, are also ideal for applications in coherent communications, sensing, all-optical frequency shifting, and data encryption.
P/N Keywords Unit Price Available Generate Quotation
FOIM-10G-PMF-0901 10Gb/s Intensity Modulator,PM-PM,900um,L1m,FC/UPC S$6,000.00/pc Call us Add to Request List
FOIM-40G-PMF-0901 40Gb/s,C+L,Intensity Modulator,PM/PM,900um,FC/UPC S$12,500.00/pc In stock Add to Request List
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